Hopalong Hollow

"Paper Gardens under Glass"

Many years ago, I began making shadow boxes using my papercutting designs. Last year I expanded to a more visible 3-D look by placing the papercuttings neath glass globes, hence, my paper gardens grew and grew and grew! I will only make about 30 of these each year. (I need to work on books most of the time.)

 All the bits and pieces in my "gardens" are made from paper.  I make the birdhouses, the cottages, the trees, flowers, bee skeps, bees, bunnies, birds and nests from cut paper.  They are meticulously gathered together and planted in a cottage garden in sizes ranging from 4"x4" to 10", and placed within the safe confines of a glass cloche or globe. These are one of a kind. The photos do not do  them justice because so much is happening inside the globe, that you really have to pick it up and examine it from every angle.

Here are a few available at this time to "plant" in your home.

If you are interested in purchasing one of these, just email me at: jeri@hopalonggreetings.com

All prices include shipping.

"Postage Stamp Garden"

The smallest of my Paper Gardens at 3", but still roomy enough for a nesting bird amongst the blooms.

$75 sold

Bees, Birds and Buns

Three birds, a nest, a bee skep, and a gardening bun. Pink Hollyhocks, Black eyed Susan, and Purple Penstemen

4 1/2" tall on a 4" base. $125

"Small Spring Garden"


Lovely birdhouse, covered in blue morning glory vines. Principle bloom colors are blue, red, purple and pinks.

4" tall on a 4" base $125.

"Nesting In The Garden"



The base of this garden is an antique saucer.  A little nesting bird sits atop the tree which is surrounded by white picket fence, black eyed Susan, Pink Hollyhocks, blue foxglove.

Height is 6", base is 6". $150

"Birds in the Pear Tree"


This is a 7" tall  garden filled with a sumptuous pear tree, who's branches twine around the inside of the cloche. The branches are adorned by countless little bird silhouettes and the principle colors of the blooms are Blues, whites and purples. pinks and deep red. Two rabbits dwell in this garden .

7" tall on a 5 1/2" base. $225


"The Vine Covered Cottage of Dimity Doormouse"

 This beautiful garden has the most cunning little cottage, with a scalloped rooftop, encircled by climbing pink roses. White rabbits, black bunnies and pansy faces are just a few of the elements in this garden.

Size is 51/2" tall on a 6" base with moss. $325


"Spring Garden"


This garden features a dovecote style birdhouse, six birds, poppies, foxgloves, hollyhocks and much more.

 Size is 7" high on a 5 1/2" base $225.

"The Dovecote"


My absolute favorite, this garden stands 8 1/2" high and is stuffed with forget-me-nots, hollyhocks, birds, a wonderful bee skep, morning glories and more, more, more. I almost do not want to sell this one.

Size is 8 1/2"tall on an 8" base. $350.

SOLD! BUT I have another one very similar for sale.

"The Crows Nest"


Large paper nest atop with 3 blue eggs, climbing vines, birds and bluebells, amongst the other tiny flowers.

Principle colors are cool blues, pinks and purples.

6 1/2" tall on a 6" base $225.

The Hot Summer Garden"

The vibrant Summer colors ofannual blooms are on display in this cheerful garden. Three white rabbits, bright pink Zinnias and huge Sunflowers topple over one another in harmonious confusion!

This is contained in a round globe standing 5 1/2' tall on a 6" base. $225


"Bunnies in a Bell Jar"


A white picket fence encloses a little clay pot filled with purple tulips and pink Zinnias.  Blue Delphinium, pink Coneflowers and forget-me-nots are carefully tended by a bunny  with a watering can.  A tall rabbit hides behind the purple foxglove and a little bird perches upon the pink Cosmos.

7" tall on a 6" clay base. $225


"Bunwinkie Cottage on the Hilltop"

The steps lead up the flowered hill to the Bunwinkie Cottage. A timbered abode with a scalloped rooftop, little red door and blue shutters. This is a loaded, bountiful and luscious garden. I wish my real gardens would bloom this well!

8 1/2" tall on an 8" base $375   SOLD!

The Hopalong Hollow Tree

With a thatched paper roof on a gnarly paper tree trunk,

Little buns find a happy home in the woods of the Hollow amid the Woodland ferns and flowers.

A lot of work goes into all of these gardens, but this one took an extra amount of time, due to the construction of the  tree house. It is quite wonderful, if I do say so myself.

Size is 8 1/2" tall on an 8" base. $375.


Shadow Boxes

"The Quiltin Bunny Bee"

All shadow boxes are 5"x7" (inside image) at $225 ,unless otherwise indicated.

I will post more of these shadow boxes at a later date.

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