Works in Progress

Last week I finished the gardeners scherenschnitte and got to thinking... how great it would be to have 2 companion pieces . All the elements I could not fit into the first piece would be included....

Here is the first piece, " With Loving Hands"

This is a painted papercutting, watercolor on parchment paper.

I'm thinking of garden birds all in a row, above this piece. And below it, BEES. beeboles, bee skeps, honey, good bugs and so on.

Here are today's models.

I measured my paper to create a papercutting 9"x 25". Time to draw,

and draw,

and draw....

I was going to do a SIMPLE picture with little birds just sitting side by side on a long branch... but I ended up with this!

 And this is only 1/3 of the page! I just can't help myself... I must make mountains out of molehills.

Since I am using a mirror image on the other side of the paper ( only the flowers, not the birds) I have pulled out my litebox. I rarely use this thing but today it will really save me a lot of time. I scanned the right side of the drawing, flipped it, and will now be able to trace my lines for the left side of the paper.

after I have traced this, minus the birds, I will freehand more bird species in the empty spaces, THEN I will be ready to cut.

That is where I am today. I hope I can get my model to cooperate a bit more, after all, he will be a part of this drawing.


Now, remember, I still have to cut this out. So I designed it in a way as to create many open spaces and silhouette areas.



The piece has been completely cut out and painted with watercolor;

It turned out rather nicely I think.

I will use calligraphy around the borders to name all the birds in the piece.


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