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Books are here, you may order at any time to receive a signed First Edition. Click on Mamsey Purchase for info on audio download. 

    Welcome to the world  of Jeri Landers. If you like whimsical, nostalgic and light hearted art you may  just enjoy yourself here. Within the "pages" of this site, you will find:  Old World art illustration in the form of Jeri's lovely Books, true, traditional folk art in the form of Painted Papercutting and Scherenschnitte, and a delightfully humorous greeting card line on the Hopalong Greetings page.

     In Jeri's world, art is a lifestyle, to be expressed in a multitude of ways.  Here on these pages, you can to visit her humble, but cozy home, her ever changing gardens and while you are here, meet her  fine family of creatures, great and small. All of  these elements combined , inspire Jeri to create artwork which will certainly appeal to fellow "kindred spirits" .  So please ,take a few moments to visit us here, in Hopalong Hollow.

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