Finding the hidden bunnies!


Do you think that you found all the little blue bunnies? Lets see if you did!

1. Lets start on the title page, "Hopalong Jack and the Blue Bunnies". This one is easy, there are 17 little bunnies hopping around the flower wreath.

2. Next is the dedication page (with the giant acorn) On the bottom blue morning glory flower, on the right hand side.,,, One crouching bunny.

3. The welcome page has a standing bunny to the left of the bee skep.

4. The map page finds a little swimming bunny in the pond,,,, see it?

5. Hopalong Hollow Page bunny is jumping behind the trees at the top left hand side of the page.

6. Two little blue bunnies on this page, one is on the R toy blocks being stacked by the rabbit in green. And the other is sooo easy to find, he is the little toy on wheels on the fireplace rug. 

7.  Jack sees the deer in the meadow, so does the bunny standing among the trees at the top of page on the far right.

8.  As Jack gathers twigs and moss, a little bunny peeks over the lower right hand twig oval shape, where Jack is twisting and tying together his great headpiece!

9.  Jack looks graceful and elegant , and a little bunny hides among the cattails in the lower left corner.

10.  The Hopalong buns surround Jack, there are two very tiny blue bunnies on the cuff of the yellow trousers,,,,see?

11.  This one is so easy, I know that you found 7 bunnies on the toy chest.

12.Hmmm, up in the clouds I see a floating bunny!

13. The Peacock page, No, the bunny is Not in the peacocks feathers, it is painted into the tiny blue flowers on the right side of the page.

14. In the smashed blueberries, bottom right and an ever so teeny tiny blue bun on one of the berries pouring from the basket at the top.

15. The blueberry plops to the ground,,,, and a bunny watches from the upper left tree line.

16. I KNOW you found this one, he is the smallest bun hopping away with the others.

17. Lying on the garden wall is Jack, and on his foot (turn you book counter clock-wise) there is a standing bunny.

18. Near the flowing red ribbon, in the blue flowers.

19. Now you really need to use your imagination on this one, see the rabbit with the striped red and white  shirt? In his fur, on lower cheek, do you see it?

20. On Lydia's red stripey dress is hidden a very small bunny,,,, you have to find it!

21 The moose is very elegant in his velvet jacket, on his sleeve {arm holding the violin) is a standing bunny.

22.Three bunnies on the left side of this painting.. one is swimming amid the cattails, the other two are standing on the shore close to the curved bridge.

23. Thirteen blue buns in this painting. Twelve are gathered on the hanging coverlet on the wall. The other is "sewn" into the "penny rug" on the table of the little weaving bunny.

24. Twelve blue bunnies here. Upper left at top of page, a standing bunny amid the trees. Beneath the words "THE END" see the two dancing bunnies in the shadows? Now look at the girls preparing catnip salad, do you see the dishes they are using?

25. Bunny Facts page.... Look in the kitchen and the root cellar, here are hidden 3 blue buns. The other 14 are around the poems. 

You are still not finished until you find the 19 hidden bunnies in the banner on the front cover of the book!

Altogether, there are over 108 hidden Blue bunnies! Over 130 if you count all the blue buns on the very last page.

If I have missed any, please let me know here:


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