"BOOK OF THE YEAR" 2005 Children’s Picture Book

From Independent Publishing's Foreword Magazine 

" 2006 IPPY Award Winner. Winning A 2006  Finalist Award 


12"x12" Hardback with dust cover, 36 pages

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     Story synopsis: Hopalong Jack is a rabbit with a predicament. He has SO many brothers and sisters that he feels LOST in a sea of ears. How can a bunny stand out in the crowd? Join Jack as he comes up with one plan after another to solve his dilemma, only to have each of these plans backfire on him. What's a wee bun to do??? Jack finally figures it all out and learns a valuable lesson along the way.  I think, that if Peter Rabbit were ever to meet "Hopalong Jack" they would be very good friends. I Painted 374 rabbits for this book, give or take a bunny or two. Don't really want to paint any more rabbits for quite a while. There is also a map and a close up  look at the inside of the Hopalong home, right down to the tiny dishes. The illustrations were done with watercolor and a bit of pen and ink. The endpapers were rendered in papercutting. This is also a "seek and find" book, with 130 tiny hidden blue bunnies that the reader must look for.


All three of the book illustrations below are available as BEAUTIFUL offset lithographs. The size is 26"x15". The cost is $20 per print. All the prints have the wide white border and title imprinted beneath the image, like this:

"Hopalong Hollow"

"Bless our Burrow"

... and bless yours too!


"Boogie Woogie Bunny Band"


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